Meet the Therapist

pediatric mental health

Who We Are

Jerry Jackson provides a personal, friendly service in a  caring environment for children of all ages.  He has been practicing child, adolescent, and family psychotherapy in the Seattle-Bellevue areas since 1972.  A graduate of San Francisco State University in Social Welfare, he did his Master's of Social Work training at the University of Washington, and internship in Child Psychiatry, Clinic 10. He is a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Mr. Jackson's practice specializes in the treatment of behavioral disorders that are secondary to genetic and neurobiological (brain-based and developmental) disorders.  Many of the children and teens are moody, explosive, socially awkward, and underachieve academically.  These children and teenagers confuse, upset, and exhaust their parents and teachers.  Adults may feel they are to blame or blame the child when the behaviorial problems may not be the child's fault or the adult's either.

How to help and cope with the hard-to-raise child or teenager need not be a mystery.  Step-by-step approaches can empower parents to manage the conflict situations these children present.  The first step is a careful assessment and recognizing the secondary conditions that may be affecting you child's progress.  The next step is to enhance parental knowledge and understanding of the child's specific issues.  Then, teach the child to solve his or her own problems using new skills.  Lastly, to reach a loving and stable relationship that is not controlled by the condition, one must set clear, attainable, and realistic goals that carefully consider the limitations that the illness puts on your relationship.  Our goal should always take in account the facts of the disorder(s) and not assume that it will suddenly vanish one day. (Even though that would be really nice.) But, we can reach a goal of overcoming setbacks, managing the situation, and getting to calm.  Treatment approaches will create the tools you need to take action and can make a big difference in your life and your child's.  We can do it together.